The original concept for Phototown was in early 1998 and the domain name Phototown.com was registered in March of that year. Work on the idea has continued ever since and with some recent technology changes, Phototown can now be brought to you. But it’s the diversity of the photographers, the individual characteristics of their perspective of how they see the world about us that really makes Phototown come to life.

We’re a diverse group in some ways and very similar in others. For several years now, we have met at least once a week for a few hours to share and exchange ideas and learn new techniques. On occasion we get together for field trips where we go to different locations to take photographs. This is a real joy for us and always fun where a lot of laughter can be heard as we get to share these special times together. If you notice some photographs that look similar but were taken by different photographers in the galleries on Phototown, they might have been taken during one of these magical times.